Kick Bones™

A Dice Game for Two Players



The first player to make their opponent lose all their coins wins the game.

What You Need to Play

  1. Two regular six-sided dice
  2. One hundred coins
  3. Two Kick Bones Shields: print from
  4. One Kick Bones Doubles Sheet: print from

How to Start

  1. Put all coins in one pile. This pile is called the Bank.
  2. Put the two Kick Bones Shields in one pile and place next to the Bank.
  3. Each player takes 25 coins from the Bank to make their own pile.
  4. Each player rolls the dice to see who will start the game. The player with the higher roll will start.

How to Play

  • Roll the dice:
    • If you DO NOT roll doubles:
      • Choose one die and take this number of coins from the Bank and add them to your pile.
      • With the other die, Kick* your opponent for its amount. Your opponent takes this number of coins from their own pile and adds them to the Bank.
    • If you roll doubles:
      • Refer to the Kick Bones Doubles Sheet.
      • Perform the instructions for the corresponding doubles that you rolled.
  • It is now your opponent’s turn.


  • If there are no coins in the Bank at the beginning of your turn, then you cannot take any coins from the Bank during your turn.
  • If the Bank has less coins than you need during your turn, then remove all coins from the Bank.
  • Want to practice quick arithmetic? Use scoresheets instead of coins. Each player starts with 25 points, and there is no Bank.
  • Play best of 3 games or 5 games etc.
  • *Do not physically Kick your oppenent. It is just a fun thing to say :P